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The Rainwater Reunions by Mama Brock -- 1962

As far as I know the Rainwater's from Old Campbell county still have a family reunion every year.  I found some reunion recaps in my great-grandmothers Edna Lillian Rainwater Brock's papers. Here I will retype what "Mama Brock" wrote about the Rainwater Family reunions

In the words of Edna Lillian Rainwater Brock (May 20, 1962)

As I remember, our first reunions were held at the old Hammond place, known as Grandma Hammond's home. Back when I was a teenage girl, I believe we would meet on Grandma's birthday. When Aunt Lizzie Campbell's children and Mother's and Dad's children grew up and married and Grandma passed on, then we started the Rainwater reunion. Now there is a Campbell reunion, a Hammond reunion, and a Rainwater reunion. So I suppose we have always tried to have a family get-to-gather once a year.At first we would bring a covered dish, but Mother would prepare the most of the lunch in the big old kitchen, and the older once would eat first, the children would have to wait and take the scraps.

The children (our children) would slip out at the old big rock and slide, or go to the spring and muddy up the spring, and climb trees. The little girls would sneak around and pull Grandma's flowers. Those children are here today, some even grandparents. The most outstanding reunion was April 11, 1933, Dad's and Mother's 50th wedding anniversary. On that date three of Dad's sisters, Aunt Kate Tarrance, Aunt Crissie Duggan and Aunt Callie Short, were present. Aunt Lizzie Campbell, Aunt Maggie Duncan, and Uncle Ed Hammond on Mother's side were present. A large crowd of relatives and friends were at the old home to congratulate and be with them on that date. Since that occasion, we have always tried to meet, at the first as nearly as we could on Mother's and Brother Jim's birthday.

In 1940 Brother Jim called order and we had conference. The following officers were elected: Brother Jim elected president, Edna Brock, secretary, Ida Cochran, treasurer. We were to take up a collection for flowers or emergency fund. We agreed to meet the third Sunday in May.

Since our first reunion, our families have grown until it is almost impossible to give an account of the births, marriages, graduations, and deaths. I am listing the deaths as best I can remember them.

  • Annie Myra Rainwater (April, 1930)
  • Charlie Rainwater (August, 1932)
  • Annie Rainwater (August, 1936)
  • Glenn Dailey (1943)
  • Dad (July 16, 1944)
  • Henley and Montese Camp's Baby 
  • Henley Camp was killed in service
  • Lamora Rainwater (1938)
  • Horrice Drake (Estelle's 1st husband)
  • Mother (January 1, 1955)
  • Essie Rainwater (March, 1955)
  • Brother Jim Rainwater (March 1955)
  • Robert Rainwater (November, 1958)
  • Grace Rainwater Laster (October 24, 1959)
  • Tom Brock (January 4, 1961)
  • Russell Dailey (March, 1961)
  • Alphred Brock (1962)
  • Bertie Rainwater (1962)
  • Eleanor Dailey Fuller's Baby (1962)
We elected new officers in May, 1961 as follows: Clyde Rainwater, president, Lillian Rainwater Pierce, Secretary, Ella Rainwater, treasurer

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  1. Thanks for posting this. Essie Rainwater was my ggrandmother. She married Jim Rainwater late in life. Is there any chance of a photo of Jim & Essie or one of the reunions?